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The Best Credit Cards (Also Prepaid) In Austria

VISA, American Express, Mastercard or Prepaid Credit Cards | from 0,00 € annual fee

The services of the individual providers are often very different. On this page you will find ours

  • Online calculator
  • Background knowledge and recommendations on credit cards as well
  • Information about prepaid credit cards

Not everyone receives a credit card without a problem Anyone who does not have a regular income may be denied. In particular, students and the unemployed are affected. You can usually buy only one prepaid credit card. Corresponding maps are therefore also taken into account in our comparison.

We have both free credit cards and chargeable credit cards. Decide for yourself which services and which costs are right for you.

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  • Installment loans (up to 65,000 €)
  • Small loans (up to 2,000 €)
  • current accounts

Online calculator Credit Cards

How to find the right card

How to find the right card

A credit card is needed nowadays in many cases. Online shopping and booking flights are just two examples. It is important that the costs and the interest rates are kept within limits. Our credit card calculator shows you who is suitable for which card. Also included in the evaluation are additional benefits such as bonuses or insurance benefits.

  • Costs / interest
  • Bonuses programs
  • insurance benefits

Here you will find our calculator

Credit card recommendation with checking account :

Credit card recommendation with checking account :

Here we recommend the DKB. She also allows

  • withdraw free money and pay worldwide
  • at 0 Euro card fee.
  • In addition, the borrowing rate is lower than the Advanzia.

This credit card is financed only through loan interest.


Why a credit card?

Why a credit card?

Often the question is whether you really need a credit card or not. However, the trend is very clear: More and more merchants are offering or preferring to pay by credit card, whether online or locally in the store. In the following cases, it is recommended to have a credit card:

  • rent a car
  • pay without cash on the spot
  • shopping at online shops (whether foreign or domestic)
  • Book hotels
  • pay securely online

What should be considered when choosing a credit card?

What should be considered when choosing a credit card?

The most relevant differences between credit cards can be found in the following points:

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Cost differences
  • additional services

A price comparison is therefore worthwhile – calculate now your savings or renewal fees! Our credit card comparison also offers prepaid credit cards. Once you have found the right credit card, you can apply for it directly online.

Credit Card Processing

There are several credit card providers, with the following being among the biggest and most important:

  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • MasterCard
  • VISA

Considering the credit card acceptance in Europe and especially Austria, MasterCard and VISA are particularly recommendable. Also worldwide, you are well equipped with these cards.

Cost of a credit card

With the fees one can differentiate between basic fees and interest costs . In particular, the basic or annual fees are immense differences. Height fees are not automatically an indication of more power. Sometimes a free credit card is sufficient.

Pay attention to the topic annual sales : For some cards, the fees will be refunded if the customer generates a certain volume of sales within a year.

In turn, interest is charged when a true loan function is in place. This is the case with Diners Club. The user of such a card has a credit line. This means that the loan does not have to be repaid immediately and ongoing repayments are possible. The majority of customers, on the other hand, prefer a timely clearing with the checking account, as is the case, for example, with MasterCard or VISA. As a rule, there are no interest costs.

additional services

There are a variety of additional services in the field of credit cards. However, these are usually insurance benefits , such as travel cancellation insurance. The protection of such an insurance takes effect, if you have decided to book the credit card payment and a break in travel occurs. However, one should think twice, if one really needs such additional services. Often they are insurance companies that are not particularly efficient. Bonus programs may be more worthwhile.


How can I charge my prepaid credit card?

How can I charge my prepaid credit card?

In order to be able to make a payment with the prepaid credit card, the credit card account must be sufficiently covered. The prepaid credit card must therefore be charged if use is being considered.

Transfer from the account to the credit card

A transfer from a checking account to the prepaid credit card account can be made. If the checking account and credit card are the same bank , the transfer will probably be faster than with different bank providers. Sometimes a customer has to wait up to 2 working days for different banks to receive the payment. The transfer can of course also be made by other persons or their bank account . Some providers may also set up a standing order for the credit card account.

cash deposit

If the bank of the prepaid card has a local branch, then also depositing cash is an option on how to charge the credit card account. As a customer, you can rely on both the staff at the counter and self-service terminals.


Thanks to providers like Giropay, a direct transfer is often possible. This books the money directly to the credit card. There may be additional costs and not every bank supports this service.

Is Credit Card Insurance Worth It? See the Answer Here


 Unfortunately, it is no news to anyone that violence in large cities has grown in a frightening way. Exactly because of this, insurance has become part of the Brazilian’s life and consumes a significant portion of his income. We seek life insurance, for the vehicle, residential and now even for credit cards. But Is It Worth It To Hire Credit Card Insurance? Follow this post and discover its advantages and disadvantages:

Insurance price

Insurance price

The insurance paid on the credit or debit card hardly exceeds R $ 5.00 per month, which, per year, would not even reach R $ 60.00. This amount is considerably small given the headaches you could avoid if you had your card stolen.

Some operators allow undue purchases not to be charged to the holder even a few days before the date of the theft notice, and the same goes in case of loss of the card. They cover all the amounts that are spent until the card is locked. But beware: anyone who has the habit of leaving the password annotated with the card loses the right to insurance coverage.

Some carriers also offer protection for purchases made over the internet, while others do not. Therefore, always check with your administrator to see what coverages are available and what events are not covered.

Customers with many cards

Customers with many cards

If you are the type of person who has multiple cards, but only uses one or two, you may be wasting money. Ideally, you should only have enough cards to carry out routine purchases and have the limit available for installment purchases when necessary. Other than that, having many cards increases the risk of loss or theft and ends up generating expenses with annuities and insurance that will never be used.

This can also make it difficult to control your expenses. The idea of ​​the card is to centralize all the purchases in a single place and to allow to identify where are its greater expenses, so to do a financial management.

Avoid coming out with all your cards at once. It is always good to leave a reservation at home. So, if one of them is lost, you can use the reservation while waiting the second way of the other.

Insurance services

Insurance services

Insurance usually offers a number of other benefits that are not limited to loss and theft alone. Some offer compensation in case of an accident, coverage for travel, cover for loss of documents and luggage, reservation of VIP lounge in airports, lodging in case of emergency etc. There is even insurance that covers theft of portable objects such as cell phones and other devices.

The downside is that a lot of people do not even know that insurance offers all of this, and sometimes they do not enjoy it when they need it. Because it is such a low figure on the invoice, some forget to read the prospectus and do not write down the emergency numbers.

But this is not going to happen to you any more: from now on, keep these numbers down on your cell phone or somewhere else within easy reach and see which coverage and services are offered to you. When in doubt, call the call center and ask an attendant to explain the benefits to which you are entitled.



The discount, also known as discount , is the difference between the amount paid out, such as a loan, and the amount that is actually to be paid back. If the loan amount is 1500 Euro, the actual loan amount is 2 000 Euro, the difference of 500 Euro is the discount. Often it finds its application especially in mortgages. The amount of the fee depends on the current level of interest. There is also a fixed interest period, where the rebate is usually 10 percent. It also depends on the rank entered in the land register and the agreed term .



The discount is always given as a percentage, although it may also be the case that an amount is mentioned. It has the function of covering fees to be paid in advance. It may also include the interest paid in advance, which will reduce the actual payment of interest. In the case of real estate financing, a discount can bring advantages, because the benefits that have been paid in advance are also tax deductible if certain conditions are met.

The decision to take advantage of the rebate should be considered very well, because this increases the monthly amount to be paid, after all, both the loan amount and the rebate have to be repaid. However, the discount also has the advantage that the monthly burden is smaller, because the interest prepayment has taken place. Nevertheless, the amount of the loan is higher than without the deduction.

Self-users of real estate have no tax advantage with the discount, because it can no longer be deducted from the taxes. If you take out a loan to rent a property , you have the option of claiming the deduction as income-related expenses. The reason that a rebate is agreed may be, for example, the use of a more favorable interest rate, which is granted by the bank.

Not only in the case of loans, the discount comes into play, even for equities, especially in warrants trading. Here, the discount is called in percent. This percentage amount is the amount that is between the direct purchase amount of the share and the amount to be paid when a share is purchased with a warrant.




You are looking for a cheap loan and are looking for a good credit offer? The subject of online loans in Austria has been up-to-date for some years now and there are now many reputable banks and providers where you can conveniently apply for a loan online. Our recommendation at this point is the loan from Erste Bank called “Erste Bank Klick Kredit”. see for further notes

Which online loan is recommended?

Which online loan is recommended?


In Austria, there are several recommended online credit offers, such as the online loan from Austrian Anadi Bank AG, the Santander Consumer Bank Now-Now-Credit, the BAWAG Credit and others. It makes sense in each case to make an accurate credit comparison of credit providers and to choose the cheapest loan offer.

How does Online Credit work?

How does Online Credit work?


The online loan application is similar to a normal loan application in a branch. First, a loan calculator selects the exact loan offer and calculates whether you can afford the loan (usually with a household bill).

Thereafter, the credit check (KSV query) or credit check. For the legitimation either a post-identification procedure or the legitimation must be carried out by means of video ident. For questions about the loan, there is usually a separate hotline. With the reputable providers in Austria it is simply possible to apply for the credit online, the experience with handling, disbursement and advice from the customers are here to be evaluated positively.

Can you trust online credit?

Can you trust online credit?


Even if it applies to some offers to exercise caution (eg in case of pre-cost or unserious promises such as “credit for all”) so you can generally the well-known banks (Raiffeisen, Erste Bank, Easybank, Anadi, Santander ..) also online trust in the loan search and make a loan application.

Borrow money – Immediately payout in Austria

Borrow money - Immediately payout in Austria


In Austria there are several providers for cheap instant loans. An online instant loan with immediate payment in 24 hours in Austria, for example, is also available at Erste Bank. Payment will be made within 24 hours on bank business days after positive verification.

In general, it should be said that applying for credit online experience in Austria among reputable credit providers for a cheap online loan are consistently positive. If there are any open questions or ambiguities, it makes sense to check the information on the bank websites and to get details about the hotline / telephone advice of the provider.


If you are looking for the opportunity to get a loan in Austria, you should first have an overview of current offers and opportunities to be able to take an online loan.

Online loan providers compared

Online loan providers compared

Compare Current Loan Rates – Free Loan Calculator

Compare Current Loan Rates - Free Loan Calculator

In Austria, there are some recommended online loan offers, where you can get a cheap credit in Austria with appropriate credit rating / creditworthiness.

Apply for online credit

Apply for online credit

The loan application for an online loan is possible in a few steps. In order to apply for an online loan, it is necessary to fulfill certain requirements.

Normally this includes a positive KSV examination, a minimum age of 18 years (of age), a fixed job / proof of income through a proof of income. Depending on the provider / offer for an online loan, further requirements may be necessary. Details can be found on the respective homepage of the provider.

Which providers are there for an online loan in Austria?

Which providers are there for an online loan in Austria?

  • Santander Consumer Bank Now Immediately Credit
  • Bank Austria WunschKredit
  • Austrian Anadi online loan
  • Erste Bank Sparkasse Click Credit
  • Raiffeisenlandesbank online loan
  • BAWAG Easy Online Credit
  • ING-DiBA installment loan
  • SWK Bank fixed rate loan
  • easybank easy credit
  • Teambank AT the fair credit

Credit with immediate payment

Credit with immediate payment

If you still want to borrow money today or are in urgent need of a fast payout loan, there are online credit providers in Austria that specialize in fast approval / processing and loan disbursement in 24 hours.

Especially the offer of the Austrian Anadi Online Credit, Erste Bank Click Credit and Santander Now Instant Credit are recommended. There it is possible to receive a loan with immediate payment or processing and payment in the form of a 24 hour credit. As a result, the credit is in the account in 24 hours.

500 Euro credit with immediate payment

500 Euro credit with immediate payment

The processing of a loan application to min loan providers in Austria can be particularly quick. For example, a mini loan over 500 euros with immediate payment from the provider cashper possible. This specializes in short-term loans (15 days, 30 days, 60 days credit offers for mini loans) and offers a loan even despite KSV entry. Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to the amount of the loan interest and the fees (express transfer).

Personal Loans Online


The Draft is a Credit Title, whose function is to postpone the payment of a sum in money, which gives the legitimate holder (creditor) the right to be paid at a specific expiry date that is indicated in it.

There are two types of bills:

  1. Draft / Treats : the trader (the creditor) gives the order to the drawee (the debtor) to pay a sum to the bearer of the title, beneficiary or third party. By law, the hauler guarantees the bill of exchange and remains responsible for both acceptance and payment. For acceptance, you can exempt from acceptance by a specific clause, but not for payment.

Note : each creditor will be responsible for payment of the Draft / Route to those who own the Title.

  1. I will pay or Vaglia Cambiario : Issued by the debtor who makes a promise of payment to the creditor, or to the beneficiary of the title. The bill is signed by the issuer, which remains the principal in relation to the subsequent creditors.
  2. Stamp duty : 12 per thousand for the Cambiale / Tratta and 11 per thousand for the Pagherò or Vaglia Cambiario.

The modules can be bought in tobacconists as well as the stamp. The stamp is the cost of the draft that collects the state.



NOTE : The bill without stamp or stamp that has not been canceled in Swiss Post has no value of Executive Title and in the case of non-payment it is not possible to execute executive actions for the recovery of the due.

It is the judge, also ex officio, who declares the ineffectiveness of the Executive Title of the bill without the stamp.

Everyone can have a   Loan guaranteed by Cambiale ?   Or are there any real limitations on the granting and subsequent disbursement of this funding?

Everyone can have a   Loan guaranteed by Cambiale ?   Or are there any real limitations on the granting and subsequent disbursement of this funding?

Getting a loan with the bill is not easy. We are no longer in the golden years of reconstruction, years in which the bill was in effect the loan that the bank gave wide hands as we knew that the debts were paid, today we are in strong economic tension, we know that the revenue is counted and this information is also given by those who grant funding. So issuing bills against a customer protested without a real guarantee is impossible, also because we know that in case of foreclosure the last will be placed at the end of the foreclosures already under way.

The financial institutions that grant the Cambialized Loan verify and evaluate the customer and decide on the basis of its Central Risks .

A person who has delays in payments or who has missed payment of installments of a Loan and who can not be financed through the Cession of the Fifth will also be denied the Modified Loan , unless there is a person who can be financed by Avalla with his signature is the Cambiale. The Avallo is valid as a guarantee in favor of the debtor, if he does not save the bill (s) the Avanteante will do it.

Analyzing the item Costs we add a further limitation: the bill has much higher costs than the traditional loan and those who find themselves in particular economic difficulty expose themselves to the Usura , network, this, absolutely destructive for themselves and for the family as well as for the Companies.

The bill has higher costs for both the rate of interest applied, in fact the greater the risk for the budget and the higher the rate, which for the stamp duty that collects the State, to be placed on the bill to validate, the value of the 1.2% on the value of the promissory note to be borne by the Borrower. The bill must be validated at the Post Office . It should be remembered that without a stamp canceled by the Post Office, the bill has no value as Executive Title .

The bills must be paid in penalty of being included in the Register of Protestants of the CCIAA of residence and if within the year you do not pay and you request the cancellation the Protest will be written in the Register of Protestants of the Court and the cancellation procedure will be long and burdensome .

Report of Protested in the Chamber of Commerce, what to do.

First of all, you must try to pay the bills of exchange before the year in which the bill is paid. The creditor must issue the written and signed Quietance ( Disclaimer ). With the receipt go to the local Chamber of Commerce and formally request the cancellation from the Register of Protestants of the Chamber of Commerce .

On the other hand, if the Protest is closed when it is more than a year ago or worse it is not closed at all, the report is also registered in the Register of Protestants of the local Court .

In this case the name of the Protestato remains reported for five years, if he wishes the cancellation must go to the Court and to the Protest Office of the Chamber of Commerce , where it is reported, with a request for rehabilitation (check or bill) accompanied by the creditor’s signature of the payment of the Protected Title ( Disclaimer ).
After 5 years automatically the cancellation of the Register in Court and the Register of Protestants of the Chamber of Commerce, and at the deadline it is appropriate to verify that this has actually happened !

Don Quixote to try to avoid financial problems to people who then drag themselves over time for many years considers it useful a comparison, a consultancy, aimed at evaluating an alternative solution such as for an employee may be the Cession of the Fifth   of the salary or a   Loan   personnel who make a family that can be financed as a replacement.

So before deciding to put yourself in further economic difficulty it is worthwhile to analyze well your current and future financial situation. To do this you need an interlocutor who knows how to analyze your needs well.


Credit loans at Low Interest Rate

Ferratum is the mobile bank that makes it easy to apply for unsecured credit or UC control. Ferratum offers loans between 1000 up to SEK 30,000 with a chance to raise the credit limit for you with good repayment capacity (usually takes place after 6 months). Choose yourself if you want to withdraw the full amount directly or make smaller withdrawals if needed. Always quick answers with payouts the same day. Individual assessment where payment notes are accepted.

Ferratum account credit and quick loan, SEK 1000 – SEK 30,000:

  • Loans without UC (Creditsafe used)
  • Unsecured Loans
  • 0: – in fees ( interest only)
  • The money in the account directly, incl. weekend

Payment and credit check

Payment directly after approved application for customers of Nordea, Swedbank, Handelsbanken and SEB every day of the week (during customer service opening hours). For other banks, payment is made on the same day if you apply before 9:00 a weekday. If you apply instead between 9:00 – 13:00 on a weekday, the money is in the account the next business day during the morning while applications coming in after. 13 will be paid the next business day in the afternoon. You will always be informed via SMS when the credit is paid out.

* Ferratum conducts credit checks via Creditsafe and chooses to review your current financial situation in the first place. Account credit despite payment remarks is therefore approved, however, the remarks must be older than 6 months and you may have a maximum of 6.

Interest and expenses for Ferratum Credit

Every month at least 10% of your capital debt or at least SEK 300 must be repaid. The monthly interest rate, irrespective of the loan amount, is 3.3%. The effective interest rate is around 47.64%. There are no other fees as avi per e-mail is free of charge, as well as withdrawals and processing.

Requirements for you as a borrower:

  • At least 21 years +
  • Declared income
  • No debt balance with Kronofogden
  • Registered in Sweden


  • Chance of raising credit
  • Approved loan despite low credit rating
  • Approved despite payment note